PEPperCHIP® Standard Peptide Microarrays

Choose from a wide selection of off-the-shelf microarrays with pre-designed peptide libraries.

Screen your antibody or serum samples against entire pathogen proteomes, known immunogenic epitopes, multiple antigen sets, or even random peptides for signature dicovery with PEPperCHIP® Standard Peptide Microarrays. Designed by scientists for scientists, each microarray contains carefully selected libraries of highly overlapping peptides, covering protein and antigen sequences of interest across different research areas.

High-throughput screening

Screen your samples against multiple antigens, proteins, or signature peptides all at once, or assay different samples simultaneously against multiple array library copies in a single chip.

Easy handling and analysis

Use in combination with PEPperCHIP® Accessories in your own lab, or request together with any of our PEPperMAP® Services when you send us your samples instead.

Comprehensive support

Get full customer support from our dedicated product specialists before, during, and after purchase, no matter which option you choose.

Explore our selection of Standard Peptide Microarrays

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