AbClon Inc. and PEPperPRINT sign distribution agreement for Korea

We are pleased to announce that PEPperPRINT has signed a distribution agreement with Seoul-based AbClon Inc. Under the terms of the agreement AbClon has the exclusive marketing and sales rights for PEPperPRINT products and services in Korea.

AbClon was established in 2010 along with Swedish Atlas Therapeutics and has been dedicated to the research and development of new antibody drugs. Since fast and high quality synthesis, easy customization, and no more batch synthesis of peptides are key advantages of PEPperPRINT’s peptide microarray platform PEPperCHIP® and related PEPperMAP® Epitope Mapping and AbClon Inc.serum profiling services, AbClon and PEPperPRINT anticipate a productive and prosperous partnership.

Additional information concerning AbClon Inc. can be obtained from either or by email.