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Presented by: Jill Roughan, PhD - US Business Development PEPperPRINT GmbH
Date: November 2, 2017

PEPperPRINT´s unique peptide microarrays are synthesized in situ by digital laser printing directly onto glass slides. The benefits of this technique are an unlimited flexibility in terms of peptide content, excellent signal-to-noise ratios and high spot density allowing proteome-wide epitope mappings with minimal sample need.

PEPperPRINT recently developed a number of solutions for cancer research that include:

  • Validation of therapeutic antibodies for cancer treatment
  • Monitoring the humoral immune response to selected tumor antigens
  • Identification of cancer-related autoantibodies
  • Screening for new diagnostic tumor markers
  • Translation of point mutations into cancer neoepitope microarrays

To learn more about PEPperPRINT's peptide microarray solutions for cancer research including case studies and scientific publications, we invite you to watch this webinar recording.


About the Presenter

Dr. Jill Roughan joined PEPperPRINT in April 2016 as technical sales representative on the West Coast, USA. For over 10 years prior, she has worked for research institutes, small start-up companies and large biotech and medical device corporations as an independent researcher, product and marketing manager. Dr. Roughan has managed small product portfolios but also large ones comprising up to 5000 products sold nationally and internationally.

Prior to her time at The Scripps Research Institute studying B cell responses in HIV and HCV vaccine design, she received her PhD in Immunology at Tufts Medical School in Boston. She is an author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and received scholarships and grants fully supporting her educational and research career.

Webinar: Peptide Microarrays for Cancer Research