Translation of Cancer Genomics into Blood Tests

"We have rigorously tested the reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity of peptide microarrays provided by the PEPperPRINT using biological samples and have published two papers. The versatility and flexibility of the peptide microarrays - synthesized using amino acid particles - allow synthesis of ~10,000 unique peptides on a single glass slide. We found this platform to be extremely useful for our studies. These dedicated efforts are testament to the standard of excellence maintained by PEPperPRINT’s scientific staff, for continued improvement and innovation of peptide microarray technology."

(David Han, Associate Professor of Cell Biology, Center for Vascular Biology, UConn Health)


Antibody Validation and Cross-Reactivity Analysis

"PEPperPRINT has finally solved a fundamental problem haunting us antibody makers for decades, by providing an affordable approach for a very broad specificity profiling with tens of thousands of epitopes - in a single experiment!"

(Prof. Dr. Stefan Dübel, Editor, Handbook of Therapeutic Antibodies)


PEPperCHIP® Infectious Disease Epitope Microarray

"We used PEPperPRINT's Infectious Disease Epitope Microarrays to analyze the serological response to pathogens in patients with autoimmune disease. I can highly recommend PEPperPRINT - the support I received for both technical queries and data analysis exceeded all my expectations!"

 (Dr. Miriam Jane Ball, Medical University of Vienna)


Validation of Diagnostic Antibodies

"The results are very clear and perfectly documented. The realization of the whole project was very professional. The data highly strengthen the development of our ELISA."

 (Matthias Herkert, PhD, DRG Instruments, Marburg)


Epitope Mapping Service

"Congratulations to the whole PEPperPRINT team for the final report that is an example of clarity and good knowledge."

 (Antonio Toniolo, MD, FAMH, University of Insubria)

PEPperCHIP® Handling and Analysis

"The handling of chip and incubation chamber is easy. If the protocol is followed step by step and if the recommended secondary antibody is used the background is minimal. We have obtained unequivocal results. I appreciated that the analysis software is straightforward and does not require special bioinformatics skills."

 (Katja Fink, PhD, Singapore Immunology Network, A*STAR)


Virus Envelope Epitope Mapping

"We were working with the PEPperCHIP® for the first time in order to map epitopes in the envelope protein of a new emerging virus. The provided protocol was easy to perform and staining with the recommended antibodies resulted in explicit results. The provided software PepSlide Analyser had all tools we needed for a detailed evaluation and was easy to use. Special thanks to the support team of PEPperPRINT. Every kind of question was answered sufficiently within a very short time."

(Robert Fux, PhD, Institute of Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich)


PEPperCHIP® Autoimmune Epitope Microarray

"Through the help of researchers at PEPperPRINT, we have identified several important lupus and arthritis associated autoantigen epitopes in a complex mouse model of autoimmunity. The comprehensive database behind these epitopes has enabled us to identify that these epitopes are mostly associated with nucleosomal or ribonucleosomal proteins. The PEPperCHIP® epitope analysis has now helped us to move on to determine the immuno pathogenic mechanisms in our autoimmune mice."

 (Hui-ChenHsu, PhD, Ass. Prof., Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, University of Alabama at Birmingham)


Epitope Substitution Scan - Quality

"Besides the fact that the data is useful to us, it remains as a fact that the quality of the testing is outstanding. The epitope is mapped."

 (Patrizio Giacomini, PhD, Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Rome)

Autoantibody and Epitope Discovery Screens

“We asked PEPperPRINT researchers to translate 168 antigens associated with cardiovascular diseases into 15mer peptides with a peptide-peptide overlap of 10 aa. The resulting PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarrays with 26,364 different antigen-derived peptides were assayed with various pooled sera from patient and control groups to analyze disease-related autoantibody-antigen interactions. That way we were able to identify autoantibodies and epitopes that correlated with different cardiovascular diseases, and that provide a valuable starting point for further investigation of autoimmune responses in line with a serum cohort study. “

(Prof. Dr. med. Ziya Kaya, Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Heidelberg)

Adjuvant and Vaccine Development

"We have used the ‘Epitope Mapping Service’ from PEPperPRINT and the quality of results produced and professionalism of the service surpassed our expectations. The results obtained are very useful for our research and I would not hesitate to use this service in the future or to recommend it to fellow researchers working in the field."

(Javier Castillo-Olivares, PhD, Orbivirus Immunology, The Pirbright Institute, Woking, UK)

PEPperMAP® Epitope Mapping Service

"We have utilized the PEPperMAP® epitope mapping services in examining the adjuvantic effects of several candidate Toll-like receptor (TLR) agonists, specifically in testing the hypothesis that particular TLR agonists would confer immunoreactivity to additional linear peptide epitopes. The results have been enormously useful and have provided an unparalleled level of detail and insight that we would not have otherwise obtained. These results, in addition, have served to complement the more conventional readouts of affinity and avidity measurements of humoral responses such as chaotropic immunoassays and surface plasmon resonance. We have been very pleased with the responsiveness of PEPperPRINT and the quality of data that has been generated by them, and we look forward to expanding our studies in developing novel assays utilizing PEPperPRINT's dot-addressable peptide printing technology platform."

(Sunil A. David, MD, PhD, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Kansas)


Pre-immune/Immune Assays

“We asked PEPperPRINT researchers help us analyze immune responses in mice that we had created with altered D(H) loci, and thus altered antibody repertoires.  They translated our protein of interest into 13 aa peptides with a peptide-peptide overlap of 12 aa, generating more than 1300 peptide spots.  We were under considerable time constraint due to grant application deadlines, and PEPperPRINT was able to provide the results in a very timely fashion, for which we are most grateful.”

(Harry W. Schroeder, Jr., MD, PhD, Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, University of Alabama at Birmingham)