Webinar: Identification of personalized cancer antigens and antibodies

In this webinar, we take a closer look into some of the latest research developments in identification of cancer antigens and targeted therapies. Find out how combining genomic and proteomic platforms results in a Genomics-Driven Immunoproteomics (GDI) platform, and learn more about identifying patient-specific tumor antigens which can be used for targeted anti-cancer treatments and in-vitro diagnostics.
Topics covered
Combining deep genomic sequencing and personalized immune assessment
Discovery of tumor antigens from breast cancer patients
Patient-specific tumor antigens for precision immunotherapy

David Han

David Han, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut Health Center. David is interested in utilizing proteomics and systems biology approaches to identify cancer biomarkers.

His group has developed a method, termed ‘Genomics-Driven Immunoproteomics' (GDI), which utilizes high-density peptide microarrays to identify breast cancer specific tumor antigens and antibodies that recognize these antigens. The eventual goal is to develop multi-targeted anti-cancer therapeutics using the GDI approach.

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