Cancer Research at the Epitope Level

Translate cancer point mutations into cancer peptide microarrays for the development of personalized tumor vaccines
Monitor cancer-specific antibody responses in clinical immunotherapy trials on the epitope level
Discover new prognostic cancer epitopes for IVD and CDx development
Validate and characterize cancer immunotherapy antibodies

"We worked with PEPperPRINT to identify key epitopes associated with an immune response in breast cancer. The experience was excellent throughout the process. We were able to get answers for all of our technical questions as well as receive important feedback during data analysis. I look forward to working with PEPperPRINT in future projects and clinical trials.“
Eda Holl, Ph.D., Duke University School of Medicine

Conformational epitope mapping and substitution scan: Discover the fingerprint epitope analysis of Rituximab here.

Discover prognostic cancer biomarkers: Read our publication on a non-invasive glioblastoma biomarker here.