AACR 20181 - Meet us in Chicago

Are you interested in the antibody fingerprint of your patient sera against tumor antigens with single amino acid resolution?

Or even better, to monitor anti-tumor antibody responses with our new and personalized Cancer Neoepitope Microarrays?

Then meet our representative Carsten Haber at booth #3634 on April 14-18, 2018 in Chicago!

Cancer Neoepitope Microarrays
From tumor sequencing data to personalized anti-tumor antibody responses in 4 weeks. Learn more.

New paper in Nature Medicine
Lanzavecchia et al. used our epitope mapping to identify neutralizing antibodies against Malaria.

PEGS Boston
Can't make it to AACR 2018? No problem! Meet us at booth #609 in Boston on April 30 - May 04.