4A Biotech Co., Ltd. and PEPperPRINT sign distribution agreement for China

We are pleased to announce that PEPperPRINT has signed a distribution agreement with 4A Biotech Co., Ltd. Under the terms of the agreement 4A Biotech Co., Ltd. has the exclusive marketing and sales rights for PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays and PEPperMAP® Services in China.

4A Biotech Co., Ltd.
4A Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 by a group of Chinese scientists and business executives from oversea and local biomedical institutes/universities. It has a rich history of international logistics, technical support, marketing and sales experiences, as well as manufacturing a line of antibodies and assay kits. PEPperPRINT's product lines and services fit perfectly with 4ABio's portfolio and strategy.


Additional information concerning 4A Biotech Co., Ltd. can be obtained from either www.4abio.com or by email.