Introducing the PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray

PEPperPRINT and ZEDIRA commonly present the new PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray!

The PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarrayis based on 6 transglutaminase variants (hFXIII, hTG1, hTG2, hTG3, hTG4 and hTG6) that are translated into overlapping 15 amino acid peptides with a maximum peptide-peptide overlap of 14 amino acids for full epitope coverage. It is perfectly suited for:

  • high resolution epitope mapping of anti-transglutaminase antibodies
  • antibody specificity analysis with 6 different transglutaminase antigens
  • serum antibody screening for anti-transglutaminase antibodies
  • isotype-specific IgG and IgA profiling from serum and plasma
  • correlation of anti-transglutaminase antibody responses with pathogenesis


The PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray is exclusively Get more information on the new PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarraydistributed by ZEDIRA, a clinical stage biotech company specialized in drug discovery and diagnostics development in the transglutaminase field.  More information including the epitope content and the PEPperCHIP® Transglutaminase Microarray layout are available on ZEDIRA's Website.