PEPperPRINT presents at Basel Life Science Week - MipTec 2015

PEPperPRINT will present its recent developments in the field of peptide target binder Dr. Volker Stadler presents at MipTec 2015discovery and optimization in at the MipTec 2015 in Basel, Switzerland.


The talk with the title "Laser-Printed High Density Peptide Microarrays for Peptide Target Binder Discovery and Optimization" will be given by Dr. Volker Stadler as invited speaker in the Peptide Therapeutics Forum.


Time: Thursday, September 22, 2015, 10:30 AM, Room 1



The generation of high density peptide microarrays by laser-printing provides access to virtually any peptide array content with unmet speed and flexibility. In addition to epitope characterization and biomarker discovery, we used high density peptide microarrays for target binder discovery and optimization, as highlighted by a recent case study with Grb2 as target protein. Combined with peptide CIS display, laser-printed peptide microarrays were applied for hit confirmation and the analysis of binding specificity. Selected peptides were further optimized by one- and two-step substitution scans including non-natural amino acids. Moreover, we introduce on-chip peptide cyclization as viable approachfor conformational epitope mapping and the generation of constrained peptide libraries with full combinatorial diversity.


 If you're interested to meet Dr. Volker Stadler in Basel, please contact us in advance.


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