New Application Notes on PEPperMAP® Epitope Mapping and Epitope Substitution Scan

PEPperPRINT is pleased to release two new application notes based on the PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray platform:


The application note "PEPperMAP® Type 1 Epitope Mapping of Mouse Monoclonal Antibody anti-HA (12CA5)" describes the epitope mapping of a mouse monoclonal antibody against hemagglutinin (Influenza A virus, Uniprot ID P03438) translated into overlapping peptides. The application note is supplemented by an Excel file with all microarray data of the assay, and can also be regarded as sample report for a typical PEPperMAP® Type 1 Epitope Mapping service.


The application note "PEPperMAP® Substitution Scan of Epitope GVPEQEDSVLFR against Mouse Monoclonal Antibody 7B10" describes a full substitution scan of a given epitope with 20 standard amino acids, citrulline and D-amino acids D-alanine and D-glutamic acid. The resulting peptide microarray was assayed with mouse monoclonal antibody 7B10 (antigen: human survival of motor neuron protein). The application note provides an in-depth epitope analysis including the identification of variable and conserved amino acids, possible amino acid replacements and even the discovery of non-natural epitope variants based on D-amino acids. The Powerpoint file can also be regarded as typical sample report for a PEPperMAP® Epitope Substitution Scan and is supplemented by an Excel file with all microarray data.


If you consider having your antibody or serum samples analyzed in the same way, please inquire for a full PEPperMAP® service option or for a suited custom PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray for in-house experiments in your labs.