First kinase substrate mapping successfully finalized

Today PEPperPRINT researchers finalized the first kinase substrate mapping on our PEPperCHIP peptide microarray platform. The microarray contained full permutation scans of known and generic substrates of the SRC kinase to give 851 different peptides printed as duplicates. Incubation with the kinase in the presence of ATP was followed staining with a labeled anti-pTyr antibody and read-out with a Li-COR Odyssey Imaging System. Quantificaiton of the microarray scans provided a comprehensive data set with excellent signal-to-noise ratios and an in-depth view on peptide-related kinase activity.

Based on these results we're presently looking for collaboration partners for further validation and to extend the assay range to other kinases and cell lysates. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.