PEPperCHIP® Infectious Disease Epitope Microarray

In this application note, we describe the custom mapping of IgE epitopes of the cashew nut allergen Ana o 3 using human sera. The results demonstrate that PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays are a valuable tool to obtain...


Filgen, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that PEPperPRINT has signed a distribution agreement with Filgen for Japan.


Filgen was established in 2004 and has provided analysis services using leading-edge technologies. In recent...


PEPperCHIP® Allergen Epitope MicroarrayThe new PEPperCHIP® Allergen Epitope Microarray covers 4,022 linear allergen epitopes of the Immune Epitope Database, and enables the high-throughput screening of IgE antibody responses from serum and plasma.




PEPperPRINT will present its recent developments in the field of peptide target binder Dr. Volker Stadler presents at MipTec 2015discovery and optimization in at the MipTec 2015 in Basel, Switzerland.


The talk with the title "Laser-Printed High Density...


4th European Congress of Immunology
September 6-9, PEPperPRINT will join the 4th European Congress of Immunology in Vienna, Austria. Discuss your project with our representative Dr. Lisa Steinbrück at Booth 116 and learn more about the latest peptide...


PEPperCHIP® Applications

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Autoimmune Research

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Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015 

Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT (16:00 - 17:00 CET)

Presenter: Dr. Renate Sekul, Head of R&D, PEPperPRINT GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany



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Conformational Epitope Mapping

Many antibody responses rely on protein...