PEPperCHIP® Platform Technology

Combinatorial Synthesis of Peptide MicroarraysPEPperPRINT's unique peptide microarray platform is based on a completely new approach of combinatorial synthesis: Instead of using e.g. standard spotters or lithographic synthesis, we print amino acid microparticles with a custom 24-color laser printer.


In less than a minute, one layer of an amino acid particle pattern is printed on a coated glass slide. A heating step melts the particles and embedded amino acids can couple to the chip surface.

In accordance with solid phase Fmoc chemistry, a cycle of synthesis is completed after removal of excessive material by washing and cleavage of the N-terminal Fmoc protection group. The cycle is repeated until the full peptide microarray is synthesized.


Benefits of the printing technology are:


  • Digital printing flexibility
  • High printing speed
  • High spot resolution
  • Low toner consumption


Custom peptide microarrays can be manufactured from single microarrays to hundreds of chips within only 3 - 4 weeks.

PEPperPRINT's platform technology enables for the first time the generation of high density peptide microarrays with a unique content flexibility in the most cost-effective manner.