PEPperMAP® Service

PEPperPRINT offers the comprehensive PEPperMAP® Service allowing users to fully benefit from the PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray platform without any need for manpower or technical infrastructure. Using only 10-20 µg of antibody or 10-20 µl of serum samples, PEPperPRINT provides a complete end-to-end service covering the following elements:


  • All immunoassays with your antibody or serum samples and suited secondary antibodies
  • Control assays with anti-Flag and anti-HA control antibodies
  • Read-out of microarray data
  • Data quantification and evaluation
  • A detailed report with protocols, experimental details and results
  • Thorough scientific support and discussion of results


Sample reports and related microarray data files can be downloaded in the Application Notes section.


Input Data & Sample Material

  • Protein sequences (e.g. FASTA format or UniProt ID) or custom peptide collections as Word, text or Excel file
  • PEPperCHIP®Custom /Standard Peptide Microarray: 10-20 µl serum or 10-20 µg purified antibody

  • PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarray: 100 µl serum or 100 µg purified antibody



PEPperMAP® Services





The timeline starts with receipt of the protein sequences or peptide collections, followed by 3 weeks for peptide microarray generation. We usually ask to ship the sample(s) within this period. Subsequently, the assays will take around 1-2 weeks followed by another week for data quantification, evaluation and reporting. Therefore, we will require around 5-6 weeks for a full service from peptide microarray generation to delivery of the final report.

For details about the process, please follow this link!


PEPperMAP® Service Costs

PEPperMAP® Service Costs are calculated based on the time and material need for a thorough service offer. Standard PEPperMAP® epitope mapping services with an antibody or serum sample against a single protein are covered by flat-rate fees that are widely independent of the length of the protein sequence. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and nonbinding cost estimations for the intended research project. We guarantee to always provide you with the most cost effective PEPperMAP® service solutions available.



Further Information