PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarrays


Up to 35,000 different peptides in duplicate for high throughput screening are displayed on PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarrays.

Fully tailored according to your research needs, PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarrays provide optimal solutions for large-scale antigen and epitope discovery screens for e.g.

  • Biomarker identification
  • Multiplexed epitope mappings
  • Peptide discovery
  • High throughput peptide optimization

   Peptide Synthesis:   On-chip using Fmoc chemistry and rountine double coupling steps
   Microarray Format:   Discovery format
   Number of Peptides:   Up to 70,000 custom peptide features (e.g. 35,000 peptides printed in duplicate)
   Array Content:  Overlapping peptides for multiplexed epitope mappings, custom peptide collections etc.
   Available Amino Acids:   L- and D-amino acids, citrulline and other amino acids on request
   Peptide Length:   Rountine synthesis of up to 15mer peptides, longer peptides on request
  Control Peptides:   HA (YPYDVPDYAG) and polio (KEVPALTAVETGAT) epitopes, other controls on request

Optimal array design and project setup are thoroughly supported by peptide microarray experts from PEPperPRINT. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and preferences.

 PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarray



Input Data & Sample Material

  • 100 µl serum or 100 µg purified antibody
  • Protein sequences (e.g. FASTA format or UniProt ID) or peptide collections/sequences (Excel, Word or text files)


Due to the uncommon discovery microarray format, PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarrays are exclusively provided in combination with a PEPperMAP® Services.




PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarray design and production takes about 4 weeks starting from confirmation of the microarray content. We usually ask to ship the sample(s) within this period. Subsequently, the assays will take around 1-2 weeks followed by another week for data quantification, evaluation and reporting. A custom screening service based on a PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarray hence requires around around 6-7 weeks from microarray production to delivery of the scientific report.




  • Access to up to 35,000 different peptides per assay
  • Most economical solution for high throughput peptide screening
  • Fast and flexible screening routines
  • Outstanding signal-to-noise ratios due to proprietary slide coatings
  • Comprehensive support by PEPperPRINT's peptide microarray experts
  • Data evaluation and reporting on a scientific level


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