PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarrays


From single antigens translated into overlapping peptides to whole virus proteomes – PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarrays can be fully tailored in a uniquely cost-effective manner.

  Peptide Synthesis:  On-chip using Fmoc chemistry and routine double coupling steps
  Microarray Format:  Standard slide format (3'' x 1'', 75.4 mm x 25.0 mm x 1.0 mm)
  Number of Peptides:  From 130 to 5,500 peptides printed in duplicate
  Arrays Copies per Chip:  From single arrays to 16 arrays per chip depending on the number of peptides
  Array Content:  Custom protein-derived overlapping peptides, peptide collections, substitution scans etc.
  Available Amino Acids:  L- and D-amino acids, citrulline and other amino acids on request
  Peptide Length:  Routine synthesis of up to 15mer peptides, longer peptides on request
  Control Peptides:  HA (YPYDVPDYAG) and polio (KEVPALTAVETGAT) epitopes, other controls on request


We support you with your optimal peptide array design and project setup. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


 PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarrays


Input Data & Sample Material

  • 10-20 µl serum/plasma or 10-20 µg purified antibody
  • Protein sequences (e.g. FASTA format or UniProt ID) or peptide collections (Excel, Word or text files)


PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray analysis is straightforward and can be done in your own lab or by PEPperPRINT experts within a PEPperMAP® Service Offer. Further information about lab requirements for peptide microarray analysis can be found here.


 Array Layout


From peptide array design to production and quality control, it takes about 3 weeks.




  • Highest spot densities and numbers of peptides per chip
  • Widely unlimited peptide content flexibility
  • Adjustment of peptide microarray layouts according to your specifications
  • Cost-effective solutions without excessive and expensive peptide pre-synthesis
  • Multiple peptide array copies per chip for one-by-one assays
  • Outstanding signal-to-noise ratios due to custom slide coatings
  • Straighforward handling and analysis
  • Comprehensive support before, during and after purchase


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