PEPperCHIP® Training Kit

PEPperCHIP® Training KitThe PEPperCHIP® Training Kit is an all-inclusive-package to practice microarray handling, assay conditions, data quantification and evaluation with PEPperPRINT's new peptide microarray platform PEPperCHIP®. The training kit is a uniquely cost-effective solution that covers all microarray-related antibodies, reagents and materials including:

  • A PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray with three array copies for one-by one assays with one epitope mapping and two different epitope substitution scans
  • A suited three well incubation tray for one-by-one assays
  • All required buffers and blocking solutions

The PEPperCHIP® Training Kit is available for most common microarray scanners with Cy3/Cy5-labeled antibodies as well as with DyLight680/DyLight800-labeled antibodies for infrared scanners. The kit is complemented by a detailed protocol for general handling, all immunoassays, data read-out and software-assisted data analysis. Additional materials needed are limited to:

  • An orbital shaker
  • A microarray scanner (e.g. GenePix 4000B, 4100B and 4300/4400 Microarray Scanners, Tecan Laser and Power Scanner, Agilent High-Resolution and SureScan Microarray Scanner, Innopsys InnoScan 710 and 900, NimbleGen MS 200 Microarray Scanner, LI-COR Odyssey Imaging System and many more)
  • A computer for data analysis


To learn more about assays and handling of the PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray platform, we invite you to watch our Tutorial Movie about PEPperCHIP® Handling and Analysis.



For detailed information, we recommend to download the standard PEPperCHIP® Immunoassay Protocol.


Please don't hesitate to ask for more information or for a quote for the all-inclusive PEPperCHIP® Training Kit. We look forward to provide you with any support and information needed to advance your research with custom, optimized solutions.











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