Luminex Assay Services

Seamlessly go from PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray-based large-scale epitope discovery or from HuProtTM Human Proteome Microarray screenings, to target validation with a Bead-Based Multiplex Assay Validation workflow.


Fig. 1. Proposed workflow for epitope discovery and validation. Serum samples are initially screened with PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays displaying peptide libraries of up to 70,000 peptides. Identified hit candidates are further validated applying a multiplexed bead-based immunoassay (Luminex MAGPIX® System).


The multiplexed bead-based immunoassay can be applied with serum or plasma samples, as well as hybridoma supernatants, and also include full length proteins. This enables the correlation of antibody responses against one or more epitopes with antibody responses against the full length antigen.


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Epitope Discovery and Validation of Vaccination-Induced Antibody Responses with PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays and a Bead-Based Multiplex Assay




  • High-throughput screening of IgG, IgM, and IgA antibody response in animal or patient sera for IVD test development
  • Transfer of peptide or protein microarray data into a diagnostic test format
  • Multi-platform validation of peptide/epitope and protein hits
  • Correlation of antibody responses against antigens and the corresponding epitopes


 Bead-based library 

  • Epitopes of peptide microarray screening
  • Proteins of HuProtTM Human Proteome Microarray screening
  • Any custom protein or peptide collection
  • Commercially available MAGPIX® kits
  • Up to 50 analytes per library


Bead-based multiplex immunoassay specifications

  • Bead type: paramagnetic MagPlex®-Avidin Microspheres (Luminex)
  • Peptide coupling: C-terminal biotin tag
  • Protein coupling: Biotin tag or covalent coupling


Input Data & Sample Material

  • Synthetic peptides or peptide sequences for sequencing by PEPperPRINT
  • Proteins (sourcing by PEPperPRINT on request)
  • At least 20µL plasma or serum



    Exclusively provided through our comprehensive PEPperMAP® Service. 



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