Frank Breitling, Genius Biotech AwardPEPperPRINT was founded in 2001 by Frank Breitling and Ralf Bischoff as IP platform and spin-off of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. In 2002, Volker Stadler and Frieder Breitling joined PEPperPRINT to finally collect a group of experts from different research fields like physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.

In 2003, later Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Dr. Harald zur Hausen established the research group “Chip-Based Peptide Libraries” headed jointly by Breitling, Bischoff & Stadler. Just starting from an idea, the multidisciplinary team then developed PEPperPRINT's proprietary platform technology: The combinatorial synthesis of high density peptide microarrays by means of amino acid toner particles and a custom 20 color laser printer.

In 2007, the results of this work were initially published in Science. A follow-up paper in Angewandte Chemie in 2008 finally introduced the peptide laser printer to the scientific community. Consequently, the PEPperPRINT researchers were awarded the highly 2009 German Science Stifter Prizerenowned German Science Stifter Prize for their groundbreaking work on the generation of high density peptide microarrays. PEPperPRINT's uniquely fast and robust technology is protected by a strong patent family. Due to the completely new combinatorial approach, PEPperPRINT was provided with a substantial freedom-to-operate.

In 2010, the company was awarded with the Innovation Award of German Industry and received a Series A funding by High-Tech Gründerfonds. PEPperPRINT became operative in 04/2010 with Volker Stadler as CEO and Ralf Bischoff as CSO, and subsequently moved to new facilities. Production was launched in 01/2011 based on the second generation peptide laser printer manufactured by Fraunhofer IPA and KMS Automation.

In 03/2011, PEPperPRINT launched the leading PEPperCHIP®2010 Innovation Award of German Industryplatform, the first peptide microarray technology that combines high spot densities with content flexibility, production speed and quality in a uniquely cost-effective manner. Shortly after, the PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray platform was complemented by PEPperMAP® Epitope Mapping and Serum Profiling Services. In 11/2011, we added synthetic peptides to our product portfolio. Since 05/2012, PEPperPRINT also provides a multitude of off-the-shelf PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays covering various viral proteomes, bacterial and viral antigen collections as well as tumor and melanoma antigen collections.