Executive Team

Dr. Lisa Wick (Head of Business Development)

Dr. Lisa Wick joined PEPperPRINT as Business Development Manager in 2012. She studied Molecular Biotechnology at the Universities of Heidelberg and Lund (Sweden) and performed her PhD thesis at the Helmholtz Center Munich focusing on Epstein-Barr virus immunology and oncology. During her studies she performed internships at GlaxoSmithKline and Bayer Schering gaining insight into scientific and economical decision processes in the pharmaceutical industry. She is responsible for customer relation management, project coordination as well as establishment of new marketing and sales strategies. Besides that, she represents the company on national and international meetings, partnering events and conferences, and develops alliances with biotech and pharma companies.


Christina Lehrer (Business Development Manager)

Christina Lehrer studied Biological Chemistry (Engineer, B.Sc.) and graduated in Molecular Biotechnology (M.Sc.). During her studies, she completed internships at several renowned research institutes including the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and gained insights into pharmaceutical development at AbbVie GmbH & Co. KG. During her PhD project at the German Cancer Research Center she is focusing on kinome profiling using high density peptide microarrays. In 2013, she joined PEPperPRINT as a business development manager and was responsible for the customer base at the U.S. West Coast. Since 2017, she is responsible for project management, marketing and customer relations.




M.Sc. Gregor Jainta (Business Development Manager)

Gregor Jainta, Business Development ManagerGregor Jainta graduated in Biotechnology and deepened his scientific knowledge in immunology in the international master program in Regenerative Biology & Medicine at the University of Dresden. During his studies, he performed internships focusing on developmental neurology at the University College London, and T cell detection in type 1 diabetes at the Centre for Regenerative Therapies Dresden. Gregor gained industrial insights into pharma research and early drug discovery at F.Hoffmann - La Roche in Basel. He led the life science student initiative btS e.V. in Dresden and was part of BioContact e.V. to support young scientists in developing their professional skills. Gregor joined the business development team of PEPperPRINT in July 2017. He is responsible for customer relation management, marketing and sales. 



Dr. Carsten Haber (Technical Representative USA – East Coast)

Carsten Haber obtained his PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland, building on chemistry degrees obtained at the European Higher Institute of Chemistry in Strasbourg (France) and the Technical University of Munich (Germany). He later worked for over nine years at ThermoFisher Scientific in Boston MA, actively engaged with the development of commercial instruments for capillary electrophoresis and miniaturized high-speed titration. Carsten joined PEPperPRINT in April 2013 as a consultant and is responsible for Marketing & Sales initiatives in the USA.




Dr. Jill Roughan (Technical Representative USA - West Coast)

Jill Roughan, Sales RepresentativeDr. Jill Roughan joined PEPperPRINT in April 2016 as a Marketing and Sales consultant on the West Coast, USA. For over 10 years prior, she has worked for research institutes, small start-up companies and large biotech and medical device corporations as an independent researcher, product and marketing manager.  Dr. Roughan has managed small product portfolios and up to a 5000 product, $40 million/year portfolio, sold nationally and internationally.  Prior to her time at The Scripps Research Institute studying B cell responses in HIV and HCV vaccine design, she received her PhD in Immunology at Tufts Medical School in Boston.  She is an author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and received scholarships and grants fully supporting her educational and research career.



Dr. Pedro Simonini (Technical Representative South America)

Pedro Simonini, Sales RepresentativeDr. Pedro Simonini has a trinational and trilingual engineer's degree in biotechnology from ESBS - Universities of Strasbourg, Basel, Freiburg and Karlsruhe. He performed his PhD thesis at the University of Heidelberg & German Cancer Research Center, working on gene expression control mechanisms, mainly epigenetics and non-coding RNAs, and their role in the development of breast and pancreatic cancer. After finishing his formal education, he moved back to his home country Brazil and founded the company BioAlbra. He joined PEPperPRINT in March 2016 as a consultant, responsible for activities related to Marketing/Sales/Technical Support in the South American continent.




Dr. Thomas Felgenhauer (Head of Production and Quality Control)

Dr. Thomas Felgenhauer, Head of R&DDr. Thomas Felgenhauer joined PEPperPRINT as Head of Research and Development in January 2011. Prior to this, he worked for eight years at the department of “Chip-Based Peptide Libraries” at the German Cancer Research Center with a focus on the development and application of new techniques for peptide microarray synthesis. Together with his colleagues, he was awarded with the well-renowned Science Stifter Prize in 2008.  Dr. Thomas Felgenhauer obtained his Ph.D. in 2002 at the University of Heidelberg for the doctoral work performed at the Applied Physical Chemistry group in the field of nanotechnology, surface coatings and surface analytics.


Dr. Ann-Marie Heinonen (Head of Services)

Dr. Lisa Steinbrück, Business Development Manager

Dr. Ann-Marie Heinonen joined PEPperPRINT as Head of Services in 2014. She studied Molecular Biotechnology at the Universities of Heidelberg and Queensland (Australia) and performed her PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg focusing on viral gene therapy and molecular neurobiology. During her studies she worked in R&D at Sanofi-Aventis and Cellzome. After her PhD she was engaged in the TEXUS50 rocket mission at the ESRANGE space center (Sweden) and completed Life Science Management Training in Munich (scientific and economic project management). She is responsible for project coordination, realization and reporting of customer services.



Dr. Eric Dyrcz (Service)

Eric Dyrcz, ServiceDr. Eric Dyrcz joined PEPperPRINT as Associate Head of Services in 2016. He studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and performed his PhD thesis at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg focusing on assay development based on peptide microarrays. During his studies he performed internships at BK Giulini and Peps4LS gaining insight into quality management and production. He is responsible for project coordination, realization and reporting of customer services.