Dr. Bernd Goergen

Dr. Bernd Goergen, High-Tech GründerfondsSince 2008, Bernd Goergen, Ph.D. works for the High-Tech Gründerfonds as Senior Investment Manager where he currently manages the funds shareholdings in 14 life science companies covering biotechnology, medical devices and pharma services. The biologist and DVFA-certified biotech analyst combines 5 years of research experience in virology-immunology and in-depth expertise from 7 years international diagnostics marketing for global market leaders in Germany and the US. Between 2000 and 2007 he joined the investment banking department of a major German bank, where he organised M&A activities and capital market transactions like IPOs and capital increases for life science companies.

Dr. Frank Breitling

Dr. Frank Breitling, KITDr. Frank Breitling is the inventor of PEPperPRINT's toner-based combinatorial synthesis of high content peptide microarrays, and also one of the company founders. Frank Breitling is a leading authority in the field of high-throughput technologies and, among others, developed the technology of recombinant antibodies in the German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg). Together with Bischoff & Stadler, he headed the DKFZ research group “Chip-Based Peptide Libraries”, and was awarded with both the BMBF Innovation Competition in Medical Technology in 2001 as well as the Science Stifter Prize in 2008. He advances the toner-based concept for the generation of ultra-high density peptide arrays in his new research group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Besides that, his emphasis is directed on the read-out of the immune system and the development of T-cell epitope arrays. Frank Breitling’s scientific track record includes numerous patents and publications in Science, Angewandte Chemie, and Nature Biotechnology.