Serum Biomarker Discovery

The identification of early biomarkers for severe diseases by noninvasive methods is very important but demanding. In this regard high-content peptide microarrays provide a very efficient tool for antibody biomarker discovery from sera. The flexibility of the PEPperCHIP® platform allows the step-wise screening from e.g. 35.000 peptides for hit discovery down to handful peptides for hit validation.

Flexibility of PEPperCHIP platform






Input Data & Sample Material

  • Antigen sequences (e.g. FASTA format or UniProt ID) or peptide library (Excel file)

  • PEPperCHIP® Custom /Standard Peptide Microarray: 20 µl serum or 20 µg purified antibody of each patient or patient pool

  • PEPperCHIP® Discovery Arrays: 100 µl serum or 100 µg purified antibody of each patient or patient pool



PEPperCHIP® analysis is straightforward and can be performed in your own lab or covered by our PEPperMAP® Service. Further information about lab requirements for chip analysis can be found here. Due to the large array format and the associated high amount of data, PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarrays are exclusively provided in combination with a PEPperMAP® Service.


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