Custom Peptides

Custom peptidesPEPperPRINT's product portfolio is complemented by synthetic peptides for ELISA tests, competition assays, immunizations, spotting, affinity purification and various other applications. Our peptide labs routinely cover the following peptide specifications:

  • Raw and HPLC purified custom peptides (95% purity on demand)
  • 1 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg batches
  • Various modifications available (phosphorylation, PEGylation, biotinylation, acetylation, methylation, dye labeling etc.)
  • Linear and cyclic peptides

Peptide orders are supplemented by mass spectra as well as HPLC-data in case of purified peptides. HPLC-purified peptides are available from 12,50 € per amino acid, raw peptides from 7,50 € per amino acid. This is exemplified by the following calculations:

  • ~1 mg of a 15 aa HPLC-purified peptide is available for 200 €
  • ~1 mg of a 15 aa HPLC-purified peptide including N-terminal biotinylation is available for 220 €
  • 5 mg of a 20 aa raw peptide with PEGylation are available for 350 €

Custom peptide sets in 16-, 96- and 384-well formatsPlease don't hesitate to ask for more information or for a quote according to your specifications. We look forward to provide you with any support and information needed to advance your research with optimal peptide solutions.

Custom Peptide Sets

Please note that we also provide custom peptide sets for epitope mapping or the screening of enzyme substrates and inhibitors, antibody tags or pharmacologically active peptides.

Peptide sets are available in the 16 and 96-well formats as small scale peptide libraries. Please inquire for a quote or further information.

Typical delivery times for custom peptides and peptide sets are 3-4 weeks from order receipt.













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